City of Johannesburg – Draft Rates Policy for 2022/2023

At a stakeholder meeting held on 18 February, where the rates policy and credit control policy were discussed, the City of Johannesburg indicated the proposed category changes for 2022/23:

Current Category Future Category Future Ratios

 Current CategoryFuture CategoryFuture Ratios
1Agricultural businessBusiness1:2.5
2Agricultural otherAgricultural other1:1
3Agricultural residentialResidential1:1
4Business and commercialBusiness and commercial1:2.5
7New category (Industrial )IndustrialTo be determined by Council
8Mining landMining land1:2.5
9Multipurpose businessMultipurposeRatio will be determined per split value
10Multipurpose residentialMultipurposeRatio will be determined per split value
11Municipal propertyMunicipal0
12Private open spacePrivate open space1:0.25
13Public open spacePublic open space0
15PSI privately ownedPSI privately owned1:0.25
16Public benefit organisationPublic benefit organisation1:0.25
18R E of a townshipR E of a township1:2.5
20Residential Consent useResidential Consent use1:2
21Sectional Title BusinessBusiness and commercial1:2.5
22Sectional Title otherSectional Title other1:1
23Sectional Title residentialResidential1:1
24StatePublic service purpose1:1.5
25Vacant LandVacant Land1:4
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