Cape Town homeowners, you have 60 days to object to your new municipal valuation

According to Property24, “The 2022 General Valuation roll for the City of Cape Town will be open for public inspection and objection on or about 21 February, which will bring about new rates charges based on the new valuations. The objection period will commence on or about 21 February 2023 and would like to close on 30th April 2023.”

If you are a property owner within the boundaries of Cape Town, this means your property will be re-valued based on the market value as it was on 1 July 2022 and your rates and taxes will be adjusted from 1 July 2023. 

There is an objection period, however it is relatively short at only 60 days, meaning that once you receive your valuation you should immediately check it and lodge an objection if the value is not accurate.

You can read the full article on Property24.

If you would like assistance with your valuation, please get in touch.

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