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Our team of experts is here to assist both individuals and corporates with everything required to lodge an objection with the municipality, as well as monitor future valuations on your behalf. We understand the legislation and the processes involved and take care of everything for you.


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Are you paying property rates that are too high but struggling to get assistance from your municipality?

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Are you managing corporate properties and need to continually ensure that the valuations and rates are correct? We provide an ongoing, comprehensive service to ensure you are never faced with municipality hassles.

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Open Valuation Rolls

MunicipalityMajor TownValuation RollOpen Close 
AbaqulusiVryheidGV2024 14/02/202415/04/2024
Beaufort WestBeaufort WestGV2024 13/02/202412/04/2024
Chief Albert LuthuliCarolinaGV2024 19/02/202423/04/2024
DihlabengBethlehemGV2024 19/02/202431/05/2024
Dr Beyers NaudeGraaf-ReinetGV2024 01/02/202401/03/2024
HessequaRiversdaleGV2021 SVR 04 19/01/202429/02/2024
Intsika YethuCofimvabaGV2024 01/03/202416/04/2024
Inxuba YethembaCradockGV2024 15/02/202405/04/2024
JoziniJoziniGV2024 15/02/202422/04/2024
KougaJeffreys BayGV2018 SVR 07 22/02/202425/03/2024
Kou-KammaKareedouGV2022 SVR 02 05/02/202415/03/2024
LaingsburgLaingsburgGV2024 16/02/202412/04/2024
LesediHeidelbergGV2024 01/03/202431/03/2024
MatatieleMatatieleGV2024 19/02/202419/03/2024
MogalakwenaMokopaneGV2024 01/03/202430/04/2024
MsingaTugela ferryGV2024 12/02/202415/04/2024
MoqhakaKroonstadGV2024 22/02/202416/04/2024
NdlambePort AlfredGV2024 08/02/202409/04/2024
NewcastleNewcastleGV2024 19/02/202417/05/2024
NgwatheParysGV2024 05/02/202431/05/2024
NongomaNongomaGV2024 21/02/202424/04/2024
NyandeniLibodeGV2024 12/02/202411/04/2024
PolokwanePolokwaneGV2024 18/02/202430/04/2024
Ramotshere MoiloaZeerustGV2024 01/02/202414/03/2024
Steve TshweteMiddelburgGV2024 12/02/202417/04/2024
Steve TshweteMiddelburgGV2018 SVR 07 15/01/2024
Thaba ChweuLydenburgGV2024 19/02/202419/04/2024
Greater TzaneenTzaneenGV2024 05/02/202415/03/2024
UlundiUlundiGV2024 05/02/202429/03/2024
UmhlabuyalinganaKwangwanaseGV2024 19/02/202412/04/2024
UmzimkhuluUmzimkhuluGV2024 15/02/202415/04/2024
uPhongoloPhongoloGV2024 19/02/202412/04/2024
Walter SisuluBurgersdorpGV2024 21/02/202422/04/2024

Click here for a list of valuation rolls closed in 2023.

Municipalities that should be implementing new valuation rolls in 2024

NOTE: You are kindly requested to confirm implementation dates with the municipality

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Section 118(1) of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, No 32 of 2000 (Municipal Systems Act) states that:
Property owners in the City of Johannesburg (CoJ) should be aware of the amended values attributed to their properties by the City’s General Valuation Roll 2023 (GVR 2023).
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