Ekurhuleni: GV2021

In Ekurhuleni, the monthly savings from objections, appeals and valuation queries for our clients is nearly R12 million.

General Valuation Appeals

Rates Watch submitted 533 appeals. Of these:

  • Only 197 have been heard;
  • 204 were submitted as locus standi appeals, for which the objection outcomes were acceptable but were subject to the compulsory reviews (section 52 reviews) by the Valuation Appeal Board (VAB);
  • There were 74 appeals where we requested that the properties be removed from the valuation roll because the properties do not exist;
  • There are 255 appeals in which we are contesting the value and/or category of the property.

The scheduling of appeal hearings continues on an ongoing basis, and we follow up periodically on the outstanding matters.

Second Supplementary Valuation Roll: Objection Decision (SVR2 MVDs)

The Municipal Valuer’s decisions (MVDs) were received and the closing date for the appeals is 30 January 2024.

The results and recommendations have been forwarded to our clients via Shebella, our online client portal. This works as follows:

You will receive an email from RW Shebella. Click on the link in the e-mail to view the recommendation and either accept or reject the recommendation.

Example of Email from Shebella

Please log in and check for new recommendations.

You can also read the article ‘The S52 review dilemma’ (Rates Watch Newsletter – 2023/2) for more information.

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