‘Unfair and unreasonable’: Outa asks Joburg metro to hold off on property rates hike but City stands firm

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The City of Johannesburg has been asked to hold off on the property rate increase until all objections lodged can be resolved.

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) told the City that the suspension would offer relief to the metro’s residents and businesses.

Outa said delaying the hike would create a fair process “until a credible conclusion has been reached between the City and the particular ratepayer”. 

Earlier this month, Finance MMC Dada Morero announced a 2% increase in property rates as part of the new budget.

Outa warned that the increase excluded the valuation increase posed by the recent General Valuation Roll (GVR) of 2023.

The GVR is a document with the property information of all properties liable for rates within the boundaries of Johannesburg. 

Outa raised concern with the City over its turnaround time in addressing objections before the new rates apply.

It was also concerned with the credibility of the method used to determine the rates of the 934 652 properties within Johannesburg. 

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