Ekurhuleni: Valuation Appeal Board Hearing & Cost Award

Rates Watch represented a client with sectional title industrial properties. During the objection process, we submitted evidence motivating lower property values which was disregarded by the municipal valuer and the original values remained unchanged. At the appeal hearing the municipal valuer accepted the same evidence and agreed to the pro-posed values which were exactly the same as those proposed in the objections. These values were confirmed by the appeal board.

This essentially meant that the municipal valuer had failed to perform his duty properly during the objection process. Rates Watch requested the appeal board to make a cost order to recover the unnecessary costs to submit appeals and prepare and attend the appeal hearing to achieve the correct market related municipal values, be awarded.

The appeal board approved this and our client was awarded costs. This sets an important precedent and is also a reminder to municipal valuers to make sure that they carry out their duties properly as prescribed by the Act.

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