Appeal Boards: Updates

"Rates Watch has lodged a significant number of appeals in many municipalities across South Africa. Our latest update looks at those appeals that are still outstanding in each major metro."

City of Johannesburg

There are 92 Rates Watch appeals from the previous valuation roll and supplementary valuation rolls (GV2018) still to be heard. There are also 97 decisions on GV2018 supplementary roll objections outstanding and, depending on the outcomes, the number of appeals may still increase.

A total of 1 039 appeals were submitted by Rates Watch on the current valuation roll (GV2023). We have received our first invitations to attend hearings and so far, three appeals have been scheduled for August. Rates Watch will inform our customers as soon as their appeals are scheduled.


There are 353 Rates Watch appeals from the GV2021 valuation roll and supplementary valuation rolls still to be heard.

Cape Town

There are no outstanding appeals, but we still await the decision of the municipal valuer on two objections.

Buffalo City

Christo Bokhorst attended the appeal hearing in East London on 22 April. The decision of the appeal board was favourable, and the value of the property was reduced.


There is one outstanding appeal. We trust that the dispute with the previous municipal valuer will be resolved soon.

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