2024/2025 Budgets

"We have compiled a convenient table of 2024/2025 tariff increases for property rates, electricity, water, sanitation, and refuse."

Summary of tariff increases for property rates.

 Approved rates increases
City of Cape Town5.70%
City of Ekurhuleni4.90%
eThekwini Municipality6.85%
City of Joburg3.80%
City of Tshwane5.00%
 Budgeted rates increases
Buffalo City3.90%
Mangaung Municipality6.30%
Mbombela Municipality6.00%
Msunduzi Municipality3.50%
Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality5.00%
Polokwane Municipality3.00%

Other tariff increases

Draft budget 2024/2025
City of Cape Town11.78%6.80%6.80%5.70%
City of Ekurhuleni12.74%9.00%7.00%6.00%
eThekwini Municipality14.00%14.90%12.90%9.00%
City of Joburg10.74%7.70%7.70%5.90%
Buffalo City12.70%8.54%5.20%5.20%
Mangaung Municipality13.72%10.00%7.30%7.30%
Mbombela Municipality12.72%6.00%6.00%6.00%
Msunduzi Municipality17.00%12.00%9.00%12.00%
Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality15.70%6.00%6.00%6.00%
Polokwane Municipality13.00%9.00%6.00%6.00%
City of Tshwane12.00%5.90%5.90%5.00%
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